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Artists Statement

I was born in southeastern Pennsylvania, traveled on “the road less traveled” throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Italy. Travel can jam me up sometimes. I usually come back with my head full of ideas, and then all to quickly they fade away, much like a wonderful dream does as the day progresses, therefor I tend to paint what feels most familiar to me. Places and things where I can go back to time and again.  My passion is really the outdoors not the art. How does one compete with Mother Nature? Painting for me is a way of recording it, not creating it. As we all have a different respective on what we see, here, smell, taste and feel: We all record it differently”. Sometimes I come across another “recorder of nature” be they a writer, painter of photographer, and it’s like they are on my same wave length,  I find my self obsessed with their works for a week or a month or a life time and then I realize why some people like my work. This makes me feel socialy productive.