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www.WeSellFineArt.com is brought to you by Pine Ridge Productions, Inc. of West Chester, Pennsylvania. This website was started back in 1998 while the internet was young. It’s purpose is to sell and promote the artwork of well know artists that Artist Nick Santoleri has met and befriended through the years.

Our community of art related websites will benefit the art buyer as well. Pineridge Productions, Inc. has earned a highly respected reputation in the art world, by providing quality artwork to hundreds of art galleries and framing shops across the United States and Canada,  By applying our high standards to the artists, publishers, printers, framers and galleries that we put forward on our websites, we feel confident that our internet art village will provide the art buyer with an exceptional selection of fine art to choose from.

On our site, the artwork is sorted through the menu bar across the top. Menus and the sub-menus below them, sort the fine art that we represent in many ways: by artist, by region, by style and by many other sorts. Example – under art by region one will find art categorized by areas such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Philadelphia, Maryland, Cape May, New York City and many more regions. Enjoy the experience!

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