Art by Artist

Art by Artist

Ranulph Bye – Pennsylvania Artist, watercolors, landscapes, Irish vistas –  Artwork

Jamie Cavaliere – Philadelphia region, landmarks, watercolors  –  Artwork

William S. Dawson Philadelphia, Delaware, lighthouses, Annapolis, landmarks, watercolor, oils  –  Artwork

Emidio Impressionistic, plein air painter. Acrylic on canvas and watercolor paintings.   –  Artwork

Len Garon  – Philadelphia region, America’s Cup, nautical, florals, sports  –  Artwork

Judy Kieta LaTorre Bucks County, watercolor, landmarks  –  Artwork

Martin May  – Wildlife art, Chester County, pen and ink drawings, historic buildings  –  Artwork

Moss Adams Philadelphia region, landmarks, watercolors  –  Artwork

Linda McNeil  –  Philadelphia region, Chester County, landmarks, watercolors, etchings  –  Artwork

Dennis K. Park Chester County, landscapes, watercolors, nostalgia  –  Artwork

Heather Hedin Peacock Cape May, Maine, Acrylics, landscapes  –  Artwork

James Redding Bucks County, Maine, watercolors, farms, landscapes, still life  –  Artwork

William C. Ressler  AWS – Philadelphia region, New Jersey, landmarks, watercolors –  Artwork

Nicholas P. Santoleri  -Philadelphia region, Cape May, Annapolis, pencil, watercolors, pen & ink  –  Artwork

Dane Tilghman African American Art, Golf Art, Negro League Baseball Art, watercolors, acrylics, musicians  –  Artwork

Anne Santoleri Whalon Philadelphia region, dancers, children –  Artwork

Jeremy Sims – Pottery  –  Artwork

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